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Project / Program Management

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Experienced; Manager

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Our client, a leading financial institution, is seeking a Project Manager to support activities related to infrastructure and associated Planning work, Relationship Management, decommission, organic growth/tech refresh, and Sizing/Estimates supporting the Offshore Service Delivery Team

- Responsible, directly and through subordinates, for overseeing all activities and people associated with projects that are across two or more lines of business and carry a substantial impact to the relevant businesses.
- Manages a program or series of projects associated with a specific business strategy to obtain benefits and controls.
- Interacts with senior leadership and major stakeholders to establish strategic plans and objectives for programs or projects.

Seasoned person that has extensive experience with infrastructure related support and activities.
- Previous experience working with data center infrastructure covering the following areas: servers, storage, HA and BCP configurations, networking, telecom, relational database systems, middleware, security, and operations.

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