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The Engineer / Technologist will demonstrate leadership in communicating business goals, programs, and processes for an area or business segment. In this role, you will utilize your experience or expertise to solve problems, develop and execute objectives for self and others, and have the ability to effect short-term and some long-term business goals.

The individual will be responsible for the design and development of embedded software in high frequency, embedded controllers for aerospace products. In this role, you will:
- Design and develop microcontroller circuitry and embedded software for harsh environment components and subsystems employed in state-of–the-art aerospace systems using sound engineering principles and adhering to business standards, practices, procedures, and product / program requirements
- Develop embedded software employing PC based development systems and tools; as well as associated microcontroller hardware design, analysis, and documentation with P-SPICE or equivalent circuit simulation software
- Identify and perform appropriate validation testing for breadboard and prototype circuits
- Support and present internal and customer design reviews
- Provide timely communications on significant issues or developments.

About Multiflight
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