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Logistics / Transportation

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Full Time

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High School or equivalent

3 - 5


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- Execute and own the Order Management Process
- Manage order process from receipt of EDI and/or manual customer order through customer shipment /delivery
- Enter/verify orders in company ERP system.

- Complete the order inventory/allocation check process
- Minimize expedited freight expense by entering orders in advance of requested ship dates
- Work with Transportation and Warehouse(s) to prioritize orders for timely delivery when applicable
- Alert Sales when vital orders are not shipping.

- Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
- 1-2 years experience in customer focused work environment
- Knowledge of SAP/i2 Business Software concepts and/or APICS a plus
- Exposure to supply chain planning issues and concepts.

About Tinks Co Logistics
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Contact name Lleyton Hopkins

Phone 07885489456



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